Monday, February 23, 2009

Astro-Update: New Moon in Pisces! Week of 2/22/09

(Sun 2/22)- The Moon is still in futuristic Aquarius. Most of the earlier part of the day will be quiet. The Moon will be conjuncting communicative Mercury in Aquarius (exact at 4:33pm EST). This is a “wear your heart on your sleeve” kind of transit. The Moon will conjunct optimistic Jupiter in Aquarius (exact at 7:37pm EST) bringing back some good feelings. Lastly, the Moon will Sextile Venus in Aries (exact at 10:48pm EST) making the evening favorable for romance & love.

(Mon 2/23)- You might feel fairly energized early today with the Moon conjuncting Mars in Aquarius very early in the morning (exact at 1:48am EST). All these planets in Aquarius still (6 total)! By mid-morning the Moon makes an annoying quincunx to Saturn in Virgo (exact at 11:29am EST). This transit can produce feelings of solitude & frustration. Usually the more you try to push your own agenda, the worse things will get. Lastly, the Moon will conjunct nebulous Neptune in Aquarius (exact at 9:08pm EST). This is excellent for creativity, dream work/recall, and music.

I haven’t talked much about void Moon cycles. When the Moon makes no major planetary aspects to another planet, before it switches into the next sign, is call “void of course”. It is best to not do anything new during these times because it won’t pan out. The Moon will be void of course between 9:09pm-7:58am when it finally enters into dreamy Pisces tomorrow morning.

(Tues 2/24)- Happy New Moon and Mardi Gras! Activities that are favored during Moon in Pisces (exact at 7:58am EST) are: creativity, intuition, spiritual aspirations, higher consciousness, connections with feelings, counseling, music, art, photography, being near water, and charitable work. Also Mercury will be conjuncting Jupiter both in the sign of Aquarius (exact at 1:52am EST). This is the last Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in the sign of Aquarius for 12 years! We will feel opulent, jovial, and downright bubbly. For all you students out there, this would be an excellent time to square away questions about financing and/or higher education. This could also be a favorable day for legal issues. OK, so Pisces literally rules over liquids (a lot of bar tenders have Pisces in their charts), Mercury rules communication, and Jupiter optimism. This is stacking up to be quite the Mardi Gras! The potential to over do it, is an under statement. If you are a bar or restaurant owner, it may be a good idea to have extra staff on, despite the economy. Jupiter helps us to over-spend.

The best time of day for work will be while the Moon sextiles Pluto in Capricorn (exact at 1:33pm EST). Tonight is a New Moon, which is always favorable for starting new ventures. Further, the New Moon will be conjuncting the Sun at the same time (exact at 8:35pm). This will strongly enhance our vitality and we will feel like we can achieve almost anything!! Go for it…..

(Wed 2/25)- Most of the day will be quiet-good for all of you that have hangovers (LOL). In the evening Mercury in Aquarius will Sextile Venus in Aries (exact at 7:59pm EST) giving us the desire to express feelings (most likely romantic feelings). But just after, the Moon will oppose Saturn in Virgo (exact at 8:26pm). The information that is expressed might “fall flat”. Saturn’s influence will want us to have structure to that conversation, not just hopes and dreams.

(Thurs 2/26)- The Moon conjuncts shocking Uranus both in Pisces (exact at 1:09am EST). This could produce startling dreams, sudden flashes of insight, and possibly disturbed sleep. This will start a long void of course cycle from 1:10am-4:24pm. The Moon will then enter pioneering Aries (exact at 4:24pm EST). Aries Moons are kind-of like mini-New Moons. It is considered to be a favorable time to start new projects, physical activities (like sports or working out), dynamism, leadership, competition, and action.

(Fri 2/27)- Other than Tuesday, this is the most favorable day of the week. The Moon will make a positive Sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius (exact at 3:03pm EST) causing us to feel optimistic. Later in the afternoon, the Moon will conjunct with Venus in Aries (exact at 6:57pm EST) giving us a boost both with love and finances. (For those of you that gamble, it would be a beneficial time to place bets around both of those times-just FYI. And no, I am not responsible for potential loss either-sorry). Lastly, the Moon sextiles Mercury in Aquarius (exact at 11:20pm EST). The evening would be ideal for communicating with loved ones, especially siblings.

(Sat 2/28)- Unlike yesterday, today might be a bit more stressful. Hopefully, you can take the day off. One of the main stressors will be Mars (the God of War) quincunxing Saturn (planet of delays & obstacles) exact at 8:47pm EST. But prior to that the Moon will also be transiting both of those planets; Mars (at 1:48am EST) and Saturn (at 3:01am EST). The result will be action vs. plan. Mars gives us the instinct to rush ahead but Saturn puts on the proverbial brakes. Further, the Moon will act as an amplifier and make us feel the push-pull even more, possibly resulting in (sorry to say) grumpiness. Certainly use caution while traveling or driving. Saturn also rules over falls. Then (as if this wasn’t enough) the Moon will make a connection with nebulous Neptune (exact at 12:51pm) making us feel fuzzy and unrealistic. This will start a void of course cycle that will last until 10:33pm EST when the Moon will transition into Taurus. This is not a big decision type of day. I hate to be boring, but the best possible thing to do during this day would be to organize and do house work. It will satisfy Mars’ need to do something!

The above transits are often felt collectively, but you would need to know where within your chart that they fall. As always, I am available for a professional astrological reading. I now have a variety of charts to choose from (relationship, life path, time-line, etc). I can do readings in-person or over the phone. Please feel free to contact me for more information! Have a great week! Bye for now……

Peace & Light, Gretchen A. Hidell, Astrologer
Intuitive Counselor/Gem/Crystal Work


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Astro-Update: Sun in Pisces! Week of 2/20/09

Hope you all had a nice weekend! The only planet making a transition this week (other than the Moon's normal switch every 2 1/2 days) is the Sun into the sign of dreamy Pisces this Wednesday!

(Sun 2/15)- The Moon is still in passionate Scorpio. The Moon forms two annoying squares today; Mars (exact at 1:24am EST) and Jupiter (exact at 3:50am EST), in the early morning hours. Otherwise, this is mostly a quiet day. Watch for over spending or being overly aggressive today. Anything related to research, occult, detective work, self discovery, digging below the surface (both figural & literal), passion, mysteries, secrets, etc. are good to pursue during a Scorpio Moon.

(Mon 2/16)- It is said in Astrology that the Moon transitioning from the sign of Scorpio into the sign of Sagittarius is the most stressful of all the moon transits. If I were to equate it to a day of the week, it would be most like Wednesday (commonly referred to as “Hump Day”). The Moon will form two annoying squares during the day. It will square Neptune (exact at 8:11am EST) causing us to feel “fuzzy” in the morning. Make sure you have yourself organized Sunday tonight, so that all you have to do is get ready & head out the door. Then the Moon will square the Sun (exact at 4:37pm Est). This could signify power struggles, and stress both at work and home.

I haven’t talked much about void Moon cycles. When the Moon makes no major planetary aspects to another planet, before it switches into the next sign, is call “void of course”. It is best to not do anything new during these times because it won’t pan out. The Moon will be void of course between 4:38pm-7:53pm when it finally enters into optimistic Sagittarius. Just before midnight, Venus will sextile Jupiter (exact at 11:47pm EST). This is favorable for both love and finances. So to re-cap the earlier part of the day may be stressful, but things will get better tonight!

(Tues 2/10)- This is a favorable day! Activities that are favored during moon in Sagittarius are: sports, horseback riding, outdoors/nature, spiritual aspirations, higher consciousness, honesty/bluntness, law/legal, higher learning, travel, and getting out to meet people. Further Mars will conjunct Jupiter (exact at 11:27am EST). This is a great transit for starting a new business venture and physical vitality. We will feel good and probably have lots of energy on this day. The only caution is to make sure we can deliver on our promises that we make because Jupiter tends to be a little overly optimistic sometimes. Otherwise go for your dreams!!

(Wed 2/11)- The Sun moves into dreamy, intuitive Pisces today (exact at 7:46am EST). Happy birthday to all you Pisces out there!! Words and phrases to describe Pisces are: “I Believe!”, dreamy, idealistic, caring, sympathetic, creative, artistic, tender, sensitive, drifter, psychic, impressionable, escapism, charitable. Neptune is the ruling planet and it’s associated with feet, veins, fluids, lymphatic system, & glands. Its metal is Tin. Stones: Jade, Coral, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Rock Crystal, and Sapphire.

This day will start with Venus sextile Mars (exact at 4:31am EST). This placement often results in physical expression of love & sexuality. All I will say, is maybe allow some extra time in the morning with your partner-LOL. This afternoon the Moon will be squaring the Saturn/Uranus opposition making us feel like we want to shake up the status quo (exact at 11:40am & 2:51pm EST). Later the Moon will sextile dreamy Neptune (exact at 8:36pm EST). This is a good night to catch some live music, and do something creative or romantic.

(Thurs 2/19)- The Moon will transition into hardworking Capricorn (exact at 8:25am EST) after a long void of course from (8:37pm) the night before. Activities that are favored during Moon in Capricorn are: business endeavors, work, goal setting, public ambition, and tradition. The Moon will make a favorable sextile to the Sun (exact at 10:43am EST) helping us to feel supported in our endeavors. It will then have its monthly conjunction with Pluto (exact at 2:06pm) making our emotions intensify.

(Fri 2/20)- Friday is astrologically the quietest day of the week! Pay close attention to any dreams you may have tonight…

(Sat 2/21)- The Moon will be in a long void of course cycle for most of the day (between 4:01am-9:06pm EST) before it moves into the futuristic sign of Aquarius (exact at 9:06pm). This is therefore, not a good day to start anything new or to be making any big decisions. Activities that are favored during Moon in Aquarius are: social endeavors, friendship, humanitarian efforts, politics, inventing, and New Age ideologies. The Sun will sextile Pluto very early in the morning (3:03am) that will set the stage for physiological insights and possibly prophetic or intense dreams.

As always, I am available for a professional astrological reading. I now have a variety of charts to choose from (relationship, life path, time-line, etc). I can do readings in-person or over the phone. Please feel free to contact me for more information! Bye for now……

Peace & Light,

Gretchen A. Hidell, Astrologer

Intuitive Counselor/Gem/Crystal Work


Monday, February 9, 2009

Astro Update: Full Moon in Leo! Week of 2/8/09

Hi Everyone! We are starting this workweek off with a bang!

(Monday 2/9/09)- Full Moon/ Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Leo (exact at 9:49am Est)! This is the 1st Lunar eclipse of 2009! (Definition from Wikipedia: A penumbral eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the Earth's penumbra. The penumbra does not cause any noticeable darkening of the Moon's surface, though some may argue it turns a little yellow.) The “height” of the Eclipse took place in the early hours of morning, so it was not really visible. However, we should all still be “buzzing” from it’s energies!

All areas associated with Leo will be especially highlighted: warmth, kindness, generosity, actor/theater, drama, loyalty, domineering, proud, dignified, egocentric, creative, hair/hair styles, gambler/speculation, honesty, noble, love children (especially their own), and games. A lot of “larger than life” people are Leos. It is common for actors and performers to be Leo or have heavy Leo in their chart (Leo needs recognition-I believe that is why). Areas of the body associated with Leo are the heart, gall bladder, & spine.

Further, the Moon is opposing both the Sun (exact at 9:49am Est) and Neptune (exact at 2:28pm Est) both in Aquarius. It may be harder to incorporate how we feel on the inside versus how we function throughout the day. Even our intuition may be a little off. Anything that was started during the Solar Eclipse on 1/26, also may be brought back to our attention. Don’t indulge in any drama right now as emotions maybe run close to the surface.

(Tues 2/10)- The Moon moves into the perfectionist sign of Virgo at 12:38am EST. We may still feel the buzzing of Monday’s Eclipse, but the energies will be come more subdued. Anything to do with service to others, health improvement, and organizing in general get a big "thumbs up" during a Virgo moon.

(Wed 2/11)- The Moon in Virgo will be conjuncting the planet Saturn (also in Virgo) exact at 10:43am EST. Some people ask me when is a favored time to start a diet, exercise, quit smoking, etc.? Today would be the best time! The grounding energies of Saturn will give us the fortitude to make a plan and stick to it! Sometimes this transit can make us feel a little lonely or isolated. It is really a great day to work behind the scenes and get things done.

(Thurs 2/12)- The Sun will be conjuncting Neptune (both in Aquarius) exact at 7:40am EST. Did you ever have a day that you felt like you floated through it? Well today could be that kind of day. Nebulous Neptune can enhance our intuition, creativity, musical ability, and dreaminess. The dark side of Neptune is that it can enhance our escapist tendencies (a real problem for those struggling with addictions) and cloud our judgment.

The Moon moves into the diplomatic sign of Libra at 3:33AM EST. Later in the day the Moon (Libra) will Oppose Venus (Aries) exact at 4:28pm EST. It is very possible with this transit that a loved one (or possibly our finances) could challenge how we feel. Luckily, the Libra Moon gives us a sense of fairness and most likely will result in a carefully weighed out decision. This would not be a good day to sign contracts, so wait until tomorrow.

(Fri 2/13)- Despite the negative connotations attached to this date, Friday the 13th is the quietest day of the week!!

(Sat 2/14)- The Moon travels into passionate/intense Scorpio at 9:50am, where it will stay for most of the weekend…..Just in time for Valentines Day!

The planet Mercury is now moving at a fairly good clip and will be re-entering the sign of futuristic Aquarius 10:39am Est. Mercury (the God of transportation & communication) in Aquarius encourages us to focus on humanitarian efforts, social work, political agendas, friendships, inventions, computers, electricity, New Age ideologies, etc. This is where Mercury was back on 1/20 before it went Retrograde (backwards) into the sign of Capricorn. It will remain in this sign until March 8th.

Until next week…..

Peace & Light,

Gretchen A. Hidell, Astrologer

Intuitive Counselor/Gem/Crystal Work


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thurs Feb 5th: Saturn Opposes Uranus 2nd Time!


Hi All!

Mercury Retrograde is over (as of late Sunday night 2/1)!! Yay!

Today is another big event in Astrology! You may remember back on Nov 4th (Election Day) the planets Uranus & Saturn opposed each other. It is happening again today, exact at 5:56AM-EST. The reason why this is a big event is that these planets only oppose each other at 2 points during a 100 year time span. The last time it was experienced was 1965-1967 and then prior to that, the early 1920’s. This is the 2nd of five oppositions between these planets that will be occurring until the summer of 2010. The effects will ripple throughout humanity.

So the planet of change (Uranus), independence, and disruption is opposing the planet of order (Saturn), stability, and rules. Challenge to those in authority and shaking up the status quo is in the works. Certainly the word change was used liberally throughout all of the discussions pertaining to the elections and now Mr. Obama’s presidency! The benefit to this transit is that new solutions will be found to old problems. My favorite saying is “The true definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results”. BTW, children & certainly teenagers may challenge authority more during this time. Knowing what you know, try to be patient; they are not immune to planetary influences!

In relationships, feelings of independence vs. commitment may be felt. Your partner may suddenly suggest doing something different than the normal routine. Be careful how you travel, drive or walk around because Uranus rules accidents and Saturn falls. We may also hear of earthquakes, especially affecting coastal areas (maybe even a tsunami). Another possibility is that we may hear of changes going on within the medical community. Holistic methods are favorable. There may even be a new type of imaging method developed that could replace or enhance the MRI, X-Rays, CAT scans etc. Since both of these planets are slow moving, we will feel the effects several weeks prior and several weeks after but it will be with us for the next 2 years! The next time it will be exact like this in 2009 will be on Sept 15th… mark your calendars!

Further, the Moon in Gemini will be squaring both Uranus & Saturn (exact at 7:45am EST) today. This would not be a good day to work on the computer or with technology because things may go awry. Also communications may also be strained or misinterpreted. Treat this like a mini Mercury Retrograde. My fiancĂ© reported to me that all of the paychecks that his company distributed today were wrong! It seems there was a computer glitch and some people only got paid $75 for a full week’s worth of work! The moon changes into the sign of sensitive Cancer tonight at 11:05pm EST, and the effects of the square will soften then.

Then, later tonight Venus will oppose Pluto (exact at 11:25pm EST). For people that are prone to jealousy, this may bring up those issues at this time. There could also be a break down of feelings of love vs. passion. This could also promote transformation in a love relationship/interest. At most this will only last a day or two.

The sign of Venus (the Goddess of Love) moved into Aries on Monday 2/2, and it will remain there for (a rare) 4 months! Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Mars (the God of War). Some words/phrases to describe Aries are: “I AM!”, Cardinal/Fire, passionate, head strong, adventurous, honest (often blunt), independent, enthusiastic, dynamic, selfish, courageous, energetic, enthusiastic, and easily bored. It rules over the head, face (not the nose), brain, eyes, upper jaw, fevers & inflammation.

For single folks this could be an excellent time to meet someone new! Aries likes a chase (or to give a good chase), so don’t be too easy to catch! This is a gallant and passionate sign. Aries color is red, so try wearing red to catch that certain someone’s eye. How appropriate because National Wear Red Day to show support for Go Red for Women (benefit/support cardiac health in women) is tomorrow?!? Couples that are in a current relationship could inject a new energy into their current union. There is always danger of things heating up a little too much, like a heated debate turning into an argument (remember this is the God of War trying to deal with the Goddess of Love that we are talking about). If you need to discuss something with your partner, try doing it while you are both being physically active together. For instance taking a walk while you’re discussing things. Aries needs to physically burn off energy!

This could also be a good time to start a new job or to think of new ways to make money. Venus also affects our finances. During the 4 month period that Venus will be in Aries it will also turn Retrograde (starting March 6th), so we will have plenty of time to “practice” the lessons that Venus in Aries has to teach us!

Lastly yesterday (Wed) at 10:55am EST, Mars moved out of the sign of Capricorn into the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius still has the lead in planetary energy, as there are 5 planets in this sign currently. Just a reminder: words and phrases to describe Aquarius are: “I Know!”, Fixed/Air, independent, unique, eccentric, inventive, futuristic, friendship, aloof, cold, political, and humanitarian. Its physical association is the ankles, shins & circulatory conditions. Mars rules over ego, action, the person you will be physical attracted to, and physical stamina. We will continue with our humanitarian efforts and social betterment. Anything benefiting groups of people and friendships will be important. Sudden attractions to friends are also a possibility. Mars will remain in this sign until March 14th.

How the planets will affect you personally can be determined by looking at your chart. Please feel free to call or email me to set up a reading. I also have Gift Certificates available now. I have several different types of reports available: Time-Line, Relationship, and Life-Path. Please feel free to call or email me for more information and rates.

I heard this line in a movie recently and it bears repeating: “Don’t worry…’s only the future”. I thought it was very appropriate for today’s vibes………

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Bye for now!

Peace & Light,

Gretchen A. Hidell, Astrologer

Intuitive Counselor, Gem/Crystal Work