Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thurs Feb 5th: Saturn Opposes Uranus 2nd Time!


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Mercury Retrograde is over (as of late Sunday night 2/1)!! Yay!

Today is another big event in Astrology! You may remember back on Nov 4th (Election Day) the planets Uranus & Saturn opposed each other. It is happening again today, exact at 5:56AM-EST. The reason why this is a big event is that these planets only oppose each other at 2 points during a 100 year time span. The last time it was experienced was 1965-1967 and then prior to that, the early 1920’s. This is the 2nd of five oppositions between these planets that will be occurring until the summer of 2010. The effects will ripple throughout humanity.

So the planet of change (Uranus), independence, and disruption is opposing the planet of order (Saturn), stability, and rules. Challenge to those in authority and shaking up the status quo is in the works. Certainly the word change was used liberally throughout all of the discussions pertaining to the elections and now Mr. Obama’s presidency! The benefit to this transit is that new solutions will be found to old problems. My favorite saying is “The true definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over & over and expecting different results”. BTW, children & certainly teenagers may challenge authority more during this time. Knowing what you know, try to be patient; they are not immune to planetary influences!

In relationships, feelings of independence vs. commitment may be felt. Your partner may suddenly suggest doing something different than the normal routine. Be careful how you travel, drive or walk around because Uranus rules accidents and Saturn falls. We may also hear of earthquakes, especially affecting coastal areas (maybe even a tsunami). Another possibility is that we may hear of changes going on within the medical community. Holistic methods are favorable. There may even be a new type of imaging method developed that could replace or enhance the MRI, X-Rays, CAT scans etc. Since both of these planets are slow moving, we will feel the effects several weeks prior and several weeks after but it will be with us for the next 2 years! The next time it will be exact like this in 2009 will be on Sept 15th… mark your calendars!

Further, the Moon in Gemini will be squaring both Uranus & Saturn (exact at 7:45am EST) today. This would not be a good day to work on the computer or with technology because things may go awry. Also communications may also be strained or misinterpreted. Treat this like a mini Mercury Retrograde. My fiancĂ© reported to me that all of the paychecks that his company distributed today were wrong! It seems there was a computer glitch and some people only got paid $75 for a full week’s worth of work! The moon changes into the sign of sensitive Cancer tonight at 11:05pm EST, and the effects of the square will soften then.

Then, later tonight Venus will oppose Pluto (exact at 11:25pm EST). For people that are prone to jealousy, this may bring up those issues at this time. There could also be a break down of feelings of love vs. passion. This could also promote transformation in a love relationship/interest. At most this will only last a day or two.

The sign of Venus (the Goddess of Love) moved into Aries on Monday 2/2, and it will remain there for (a rare) 4 months! Aries is the 1st sign of the zodiac and is ruled by Mars (the God of War). Some words/phrases to describe Aries are: “I AM!”, Cardinal/Fire, passionate, head strong, adventurous, honest (often blunt), independent, enthusiastic, dynamic, selfish, courageous, energetic, enthusiastic, and easily bored. It rules over the head, face (not the nose), brain, eyes, upper jaw, fevers & inflammation.

For single folks this could be an excellent time to meet someone new! Aries likes a chase (or to give a good chase), so don’t be too easy to catch! This is a gallant and passionate sign. Aries color is red, so try wearing red to catch that certain someone’s eye. How appropriate because National Wear Red Day to show support for Go Red for Women (benefit/support cardiac health in women) is tomorrow?!? Couples that are in a current relationship could inject a new energy into their current union. There is always danger of things heating up a little too much, like a heated debate turning into an argument (remember this is the God of War trying to deal with the Goddess of Love that we are talking about). If you need to discuss something with your partner, try doing it while you are both being physically active together. For instance taking a walk while you’re discussing things. Aries needs to physically burn off energy!

This could also be a good time to start a new job or to think of new ways to make money. Venus also affects our finances. During the 4 month period that Venus will be in Aries it will also turn Retrograde (starting March 6th), so we will have plenty of time to “practice” the lessons that Venus in Aries has to teach us!

Lastly yesterday (Wed) at 10:55am EST, Mars moved out of the sign of Capricorn into the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius still has the lead in planetary energy, as there are 5 planets in this sign currently. Just a reminder: words and phrases to describe Aquarius are: “I Know!”, Fixed/Air, independent, unique, eccentric, inventive, futuristic, friendship, aloof, cold, political, and humanitarian. Its physical association is the ankles, shins & circulatory conditions. Mars rules over ego, action, the person you will be physical attracted to, and physical stamina. We will continue with our humanitarian efforts and social betterment. Anything benefiting groups of people and friendships will be important. Sudden attractions to friends are also a possibility. Mars will remain in this sign until March 14th.

How the planets will affect you personally can be determined by looking at your chart. Please feel free to call or email me to set up a reading. I also have Gift Certificates available now. I have several different types of reports available: Time-Line, Relationship, and Life-Path. Please feel free to call or email me for more information and rates.

I heard this line in a movie recently and it bears repeating: “Don’t worry…’s only the future”. I thought it was very appropriate for today’s vibes………

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