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Astro-Update! New Moon in Cancer! Week of 7/15/12-7/21/12

You may have heard a lot about the Uranus/Pluto square. It will be the most intense on June 24th and September 19th of 2012. However, this jarring astrological transit will be in the background throughout all of 2012-2015.  The last time Uranus/Pluto formed a troubling square was in the early 1930s around the time of the Great Depression and when Hitler was at the height of his power. These are certainly interesting times that we live in!  Please feel free to watch my astrological video to learn more! 
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Current Planetary Positions:
Please reference the Blog entry on the date the planet went into that sign for an explanation.
Sun:  Cancer 6/20-7/22
Moon: Changes signs (approximately) every 2 ½ days.
Mercury: Leo 6/25-8/31
Venus: Gemini 4/3-8/7
Mars: Virgo 11/10-7/3/12, Libra 7/3-8/23
Jupiter: Gemini 6/12/12-6/27/13
Saturn: Libra 7/21/10-10/6/12
Uranus: Aries 3/11/11-5/16/2018
Neptune: Pisces 2/3/12-3/31/25
Pluto: Capricorn until 1/20/24
Chiron: Pisces 2/8/11-4/18/2018

Current Retrograde Planets:
Please reference the Blog entry on the date the planet went Retrograde for an explanation.
Mercury Retrograde in Leo on 7/14/12-8/8/12!!
Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 4/10/12-9/18/12
Neptune Retrograde in Pisces 6/4/12-11/11/12
Chiron Retrograde in Pisces 6/12/12-11/13/12
Uranus Retrograde in Aries on 7/13/12-12/13/12

Coming Up: Mercury turns Direct in Leo on 8/8/12!

Keep in mind while you read this Blog that I include the time that a transit will be exact so that you can see when it waxes and then when it starts to wane.  The effects of a transit are often felt as long as a day or two (or even longer).  The energy is usually felt more strongly during the time leading up to the height and then it slowly starts to dissipate after.  It’s important to remember that Moon transits tend to last a shorter period of time than planetary transits.  I will no longer be including every transit that occurs, but rather highlighting the most dominant transit (to make the Blog a little easier to read, in response to reader feedback!). 
(Sunday 7/15/12)-  The majority of astrological activity will take place earlier in the day. On Saturday night going into Sunday there will be a slight feeling of oppression when the Sun forms a difficult square with Saturn. This will lighten slightly as the day progresses when the Moon makes several positive aspects with Uranus, Mercury, and Venus.   

Just after midnight, the Sun in Cancer will form an uncomfortable square with Saturn in Libra (exact at 12:14am EST).  Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit.  Saturn’s nickname is the “task master”.  People may be in a more serious mood around this time.  This can be a time of pessimism, feeling “the blues”, or even loneliness.  Try to avoid being overly critical and hard on yourself (or others).  It is also possible to clash with someone older than yourself (especially father figures or someone in authority).  Remember, that Saturn rules over falls….so be careful!  Hopefully, you won’t have a lot to do today….if at all possible, try to take it easy and relax!  Next, the Moon in Gemini will form a positive sextile with Uranus (R) in Aries (exact at 1:43am EST) helping us to break out of our rut and even do something that may be somewhat unconventional.  Technology (like computers), inventing, New Aged ideologies, and friendships are favored around this transit. This could cause disturbed dreams and/or sleep (possibly inspirational or vivid dreams).  Then, the Moon in Gemini will form a positive sextile to Mercury (R) in Leo (exact at 9:46am EST).  This will make us want to reach out to friends and family to chat.  This transit helps with the flow of communication.  It will be easier to express how we feel around this transit.  Next, the Moon will conjunct Venus both in Gemini (exact at 10:30am EST).  We will want to experience love on a visceral level.  This is a great time to: pamper ourselves, decorate, shop (because we will have an “eye” for things that look good), artistic endeavors, creativity, and be in the company of loved ones.  Sometimes this transit can have us feeling a little indolent; it is actually a favored time for finances.  The remainder of the day will be under the influence of the Gemini Moon….   

(Monday 7/16/12)-  There will only be two astrological transits early in the day!  This is a good time to remind you that Moon transits are shorter in duration than planetary transits.  The Sun in Cancer will form a slightly uncomfortable sesquisquare with Chiron (R) in Pisces (exact at 4:43am EST).  Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit.  Did something come up recently that made you start thinking about that situation all over again?  Living in the past is so time consuming and can be painful.  Try not to   let your ego get in the way, and allow the healing to begin!  Then, the Moon in Gemini will make a flowing trine to Saturn in Libra (exact at 6:56am EST).  This is a great time for organization, house cleaning, filing, recycling, and being disciplined.  This is also beneficial for starting a diet or health regimen (like quitting smoking).  Sometimes others will ask for help around this transit, but it won’t be burdensome, we will be happy to assist!  This will start a long 13+ hour void-of-course Moon cycle that will last until the Moon transitions into the sensitive sign of Cancer later tonight.  When the Moon makes no major planetary aspects to another planet, before it switches into the next sign, is call “void of course”.  It is best to not do anything new during these times because it has a decreased chance of working or will have delays. 

Our sensitivity will increase this evening when the Moon will transition into Cancer (exact at 8:31pm EST). Good Cancer Moon activities are: anything to do with home and family, cooking, maternal/mothering, being emotional, crafts, sensitivity, empathy, finances, savings, and care-taking.  Things to avoid are: holding grudges, feeling slighted (possibly with little or no cause), over sensitivity, emotional eating, stubbornness, and being grumpy.  All of these themes will be highlighted over the next 2 ½ days. 

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The Moon is still residing in the sign of Cancer today, increasing our sensitivity. However, Mars will be forming a positive trine with Jupiter and the negative square to Pluto; this is not a time for sensitivity.  Yes, both Mars and Jupiter are  now involved in the Cardinal T-Square or “Cardinal Climax’ as it is being referred to by some astrologers.  This is a complex astrological pattern between Uranus/ Saturn/Pluto that will occur from 2010-2015. (To learn more please watch my YouTube video above ).  As you may know, in mythology, Mars is associated with being the God of War.  Action, aggression, adventure, inflammation, combativeness, competition, speed, are all Mars traits. While this could be a great time to get things done, we could go overboard and find ourselves pushing our own agenda regardless of somebody else's feelings.  Although everyone will experience this, people born under the sign of Aries, Libra, Gemini and Capricorn will certainly feel it more strongly.

In the morning, Mars in Libra will form a beautiful flowing trine to optimistic Jupiter in Gemini (exact at 8:38am EST).  Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit.  Physical energy should be high today.  This is a beneficial transit for any type of physical activity, exercise, physical therapy, and (especially) group sports.  This is a day for action!  This transit will also be favorable for career endeavors involving sales, law or legal issues, international dealings, organized religion, entrepreneurial endeavors, planning to further one’s education, humanitarian efforts, and possibly speculative endeavors.  Relations with friend, siblings & groups of people will go smoothly.  Be on the lookout for opportunity today!  

Then in the late afternoon, Mars in Libra will form an uncomfortable square with Pluto (R) in Capricorn (exact at 4:26pm EST).  Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit.  So what happens when the God of War forms an uncomfortable liaison with the Lord of the Underworld?  Keep things light!  Outside influences could affect you and you may need to change your position or how you react to it.  Adjustment (on your part) may be needed to come out on the winning end of the situation.  Anger or aggression may be prevalent around this time (remember what I always say about Mars energy?).  Now is not the time for big actions or reactions.  Keep it subdued (if possible).  Try to keep things positive….just remember that Pluto is the great transformer.  And this energy will continue tomorrow……..

(Wednesday 7/18/12)-  Again, we have a very intense astrological day. Continuing on from yesterday, are two more planetary transits that are not necessarily what I would call easy. This is certainly a time-frame for which we could hear of an increase in fires, explosions, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or other natural disasters. Around this time there's going to be a great deal of energy at our disposal, which could verge on being aggressive. Just remember that you don't always need to have a bullish approach in order to get your way.  It starts when Jupiter in Gemini will form an annoying quincunx with Pluto (R) in Capricorn (exact at 5:56am EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit.  (The effect of this may be felt up to a week.)  Power in beliefs!  However people may not be agreeing with you around this time. In fact, the stronger the opinion; the stronger the opposition. There can be a lot of power in words right now.  This is not a favorable time for law/legal matters, foreign affairs, or travel.  This is a good time to ask yourself…What are my beliefs?  Am I open minded?  Did I base my opinions on what someone else said/wrote?  Is there another way to look at my position?  Of course, the downside to all of this is that we could encounter fanatical beliefs, opinions, or religious convictions around this time.  As with all Pluto transits, great transformation can take place…so harness this energy for the positive!  

Much later in the evening, Mars in Libra will form a stressful opposition with transiting Uranus (R) in Aries (exact at 10:55pm EST).  Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit.  Mars is energy and Uranus represents sudden shake-ups.  Time to expect the unexpected!  If you are normally impulsive, then a steady approach is best during this time.  If you are normally sedate or in a rut, then use innovation to jolt yourself out of it.  This can be a great time for innovation and sudden breakthroughs just make sure to think things through before you act.  As with any Mars transit physical activity is favored (to assist in positively channeling the extra energy).  Those prone to nervous conditions, insomnia, electrical conditions of the body, and anxiety may have difficulty around this transit.  Be very careful driving today as people will not be very patient and maybe driving more aggressively than normal.  We may also hear of fires, war, explosions, protests, or accidents around this time.   
(Thursday 7/19/12)-  We will still be experiencing the effects of the last two day’s strong astrological energy. However, today may be a little lighter due to the fact that there will be a New Moon in Cancer. New Moons are a great time for doing new things. Just keep in mind that there are still five planets that are currently in Retrograde cycle (including Mercury). I won't be covering all of the Lunar transits that will be occurring today, but just know that the Moon will be highlighting all of the planets that were involved in the transits from the last two days. I am hoping that the psychic atmosphere will change after the Moon transitions into Leo.

Just after midnight, we will experience the height of the New Moon in Cancer (exact at 12:24am EST).  The New Moon is considered to be a highly auspicious time for starting new things, new ideas, new projects, and manifesting.  All of Cancer Moon themes will be highlighted/amplified.  I personally, like to do space clearing and meditating around this time.  The New Moon is always accompanied by a conjunction with the Sun (also in Cancer).  This usually makes us feel connected & supported by loved ones.  It’s easier to talk about our emotions during this transit.  Since Cancerian energy is going to be prominent, it is a good time to take a walk down memory lane (Cancers love to reminisce about the good old days).  Unfortunately, this also means that they can really hold onto a grudge, so try to let go of unhealthy patterns (keep it positive).  Maybe reorganize family photos and certainly take time to honor/remember our ancestors.  Finances may also be affected around this time.  Home, domestic, and maternal relationships will be highlighted.  Cancer also rules the stomach area.  It would be a good time to eat fish, violet colored foods (like grapes), and greens.  Try to avoid yeast (like breads and sorry, beer).  Cancers usually love to cook (and eat) so go ahead and have that BBQ!  Herbs/flowers/scents that are favored are jasmine, magnolia, chamomile, lemon, rose, and carnation.  Lastly, take time to honor nature and its cycles by getting outside or bring in some fresh cut flowers.  This is a good time to write down your monthly goals as well.  It depends what area of your chart that the Cancer/Sun/Moon falls in as to how it will affect you.  This will be the start of a 5+ hour long void-of-course Moon cycle that will last until the Moon will transition into the sign of dramatic Leo (exact at 6:13am EST).   Good activities to do when the Moon is in Leo are: anything to do with performing or theater, seeing a show, dressing up & looking nice, managing, feeling proud, entrepreneurial endeavors, gambling, playing games, routing for the underdog and taking care of children.  Things to avoid are being too bossy, acting egotistical, and going over the top.  All of these themes will be highlighted over the next 2 ½ days.  

In the late evening, Mars in Libra will form an annoying quincunx with (the Wounded Healer) Chiron in Pisces (R) (exact at 11:08pm EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit.  This will be certain to bring up old wounds and memories and our 1st emotion may be anger.  However, Mars provides us with the tools to act and make things better.  It would be best to face these situations directly (yet with tact) and just deal with them once and for all.  The rewards will outweigh any uncertainty. 

(Friday 7/20/12)-  Overnight, the Moon will conjunct Mercury (R) both in Leo (exact at 3:34am EST) assisting with communication, short distance travel and feeling supported by others.  It will be very easy to express feelings and emotions around this time.  This is a great time to write (like journaling) or to express emotions. In the late morning, the Moon in Leo will form a positive sextile with Venus in Gemini (exact at 11:51am EST).  It is likely that we could receive compliments on how we look or dress.  It will be easy to interact with others.  This transit is positive for both relationships/love and finances.   

Later in the evening, Jupiter in Gemini will form a slightly uncomfortable sesquisquare with Saturn in Libra (exact at 10:05pm EST).  Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit.  (The effects of this transit may last as long as a week or more.)  These are the two giants of our solar system, and they aren’t on the same page right now.  This is also a big planetary event that is tying into the larger “Cardinal Climax”, which also involves the Saturn/Uranus opposition, the Saturn/Pluto square, and the Uranus/Pluto square.  Expansion and contraction!  Optimism and pessimism!  Radical and traditional!  Feel like you are being pulled in two directions?  You are not alone!  Jupiter is optimism and the future and Saturn is the past, foundations, & long term goals.  We may hear about issues pertaining to banking/finance, housing/construction, foreign affairs/policies, justice/law, teaching and education around this time (more than the usual).  It will be difficult to do goal setting right now or to have forward motion.  Use positive thinking and keep a smile on your face if a few speed bumps appear right now.  Any delays may be fortuitous.  Keep your sights set on the larger picture (Jupiter) but Saturn will remind you not to forget the details either. 

(Saturday 7/21/12)-  Today will consist entirely of Moon transits. This is a good time to remind you that Moon transits are shorter in duration than planetary transits. Overnight, the Moon in Leo will form a positive sextile to Saturn in Libra (exact at 1:17am EST).  Time to tap into our inner discipline, goal setting, organization and attention to details.  We may want to make long term plans in our close relationships.  This will be the start of a long 12+ hour void-of-course Moon cycle that will last until the Moon transitions into Virgo this afternoon.  

In the afternoon, the Moon transitions into service-oriented Virgo (exact at 1:24pm EST).  Good Virgo Moon activities are: organization, being detail-oriented, service to others, health improvement, intellectual pursuits, practicality, research, and really anything that requires precision.  Things to avoid are: being overly perfectionistic, excessive worry, analysis paralysis, criticism, and being too caught up in the details that we can’t see the forest through the trees.  All of these themes will be prominent in the next 2 1/2 days.  Later in the day, the  Moon in Virgo will form its monthly opposition with Neptune (R) in Pisces (exact at 6:05pm EST) causing our imagination/creativity to soar.  I wouldn’t make a big decision around this time.  Especially since this will also enhance escapism (people with drug or alcohol issues will have trouble around this transit). 

Mark your calendars! On Sunday (7/22) the Sun will transition into dramatic Leo!

The above transits are often felt collectively but you would need to know where within your chart that they would fall.  As always, I am available for a professional astrological reading.  I now have a variety of charts to choose from (relationship, life path, time-line, etc).  I can do readings in-person, Skype, or over the phone.  Or if you’re not into having a reading, I can just supply a chart.  Please feel free to contact me for more information!  Have a great week!  Bye for now……

Peace & Light,
Gretchen A. Hidell, Astrologer
Intuitive Counselor, Reiki Master, Gem/Crystal Work
Master NLP Hypnotherapy Life Coach
Ordained Minister (Interfaith) & Certified Spiritual Healer


  1. Oh! That's a bit long (I mean your article). But your astrology facts is worth wile to read.

  2. Hi Gretchen,

    I watched your Uranus-Pluto square youtube video with a great deal of interest. Now that we have seen the outer repercussions of the Uranus-Pluto-Mars t square (the intensification of the Syrian conflict, the disturbing Colorado shootings etc), do you have any intuitive thoughts on the September 19th Uranus-Pluto square coming up? Pluto shall be going stationary direct the day before the exact square and it is at the time of the New Moon (in square to the Israeli Uranus). Given the intensity of the transits it makes one wonder if Israel will intervene in Syria and perhaps even Iran around this time. Any thoughts?

    - Jerry