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Astro-Update: Venus Mars Enter Gemini! Lunar Eclipse Week of 7/5/09

I hope this Blog entry finds you well! On Sunday, Venus will transition into the communicative sign of Gemini. From Sun-Wed Mars will highlight the super triple conjunction and Uranus, highlighting physical energy. Tuesday will be the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in hard working Capricorn. Mercury will aspect the triple conjunction on Wednesday emphasizing communication. Both the Sun and Mercury will make a beneficial sextiles with Saturn on Thurs and Saturday helping us to be more organized. Lastly, on Saturday Mars will also transition into the sign of Gemini! Have a great week!

I wanted to add a footnote to my entries. I include the time that a transit will be exact so that you can see when it waxes and then when it starts to wane. However, the effects are often felt sometimes even as long as a day or two. The energy is usually felt more strongly during the time leading up to the height and then it slowly starts to dissipate after. Keep in mind that Moon transits tend to last a shorter period of time than planetary transits.

(Sunday 7/5/09)- We start the day with Venus (the Goddess of Love & Beauty) transitioning into the chatty sign of Gemini (exact at 4:22am EST). Words and phrases to describe Gemini (Mercury) are: “I Think!”, Mutable/Air, communication, writing, media, talking, duality (the twins), diversified interests, “jack of all trades”, travel, shallowness, witty, quick, intellect, multi-tasker, gossip, designer, nervousness, moodiness and chatty. The body parts it’s associated with are: hands, arms, shoulders, nervous system and lungs. Its metal is Mercury. Stones: Agate, Citrine, Moonstone, Pearl, and White Sapphire. For the next month, love (and finances) will take on a more communicative role. We will want to talk with our love interest and also to our friends about love. The symbol for Gemini is the twins, got two love interests? It is possible that there may be an inclination to take on a second job too. This could also be a time of travel for you and your sweetie. Time to take a road trip! These inclinations will be strengthened when Mars also transitions into this chatty sign on Saturday 7/11. All of these themes will be active until Venus transitions into Cancer on 8/4/09!

Most of today’s planetary energy will be coming from Moon transits, which are not a potent as planetary transits. In the afternoon, the Moon in (still in) Sagittarius makes an annoying quincunx to Mars in Taurus (exact at 12:57pm EST). Did you ever meet someone that says something that is completely different than how they actually act? For instance: you went out on a date, the person says that they had a fantastic time, and then they never called you? This type of disconnect (coming from yourself or coming from others) may be more pronounced around this time. Then the Moon will form a positive sextile to Neptune in Aquarius (exact at 2:17pm EST) causing our imagination/creativity to soar. This transit is beneficial for imagination, creativity, daydreaming, idealism, intuition, romance, music, poetry, abstract ideas, mysticism, etc. It is possible to be more charming around this transit. Anyone have rose-colored glasses? The Moon makes a positive sextile with Jupiter (R) in Aquarius (exact at 2:45pm EST) helping us to feel optimistic and/or lucky. This is an ideal time to be with friends or to work with a group of people. It is also beneficial for spirituality/religion, high education, horses, law/legal matters, advertising, sales, and publishing. The Moon uncomfortably squares Uranus in Pisces (exact at 3:17pm EST). This is a time where someone around you may challenge tradition. You may also want to buck the system. An expected event or surprise could catch you off-guard. This will start a long void-of-course Moon cycle that will last until 10:07pm EST. When the Moon makes no major planetary aspects to another planet, before it switches into the next sign, is call “void of course”. It is best to not do anything new during these times because it has a decreased chance of working or will have delays.

Mars in Taurus will form an uncomfortable square with (the Wounded Healer) Chiron in Aquarius (exact at 5:01pm EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. This will be the 1st of 3 Mars squares over the next few days. Remember last Wed & Thurs? Mars will be highlighting the super conjunct (with Chiron, Jupiter, & Neptune) and also Uranus (see last week’s Blog entry for more info). This will be certain to bring up old wounds and memories and our 1st emotion may be anger. However, Mars provides us with the tools to act and make things better. It would be best to face these situations directly (yet with tact) and just deal with them once and for all. The rewards will out weigh any uncertainty.

The Moon will transition into hardworking Capricorn at 10:07pm EST. Themes that will be prevalent over the next 2 ½ days are: business endeavors, work, goal setting, public ambition, and tradition. Try to avoid: workaholic tendencies, coldness, and using people for personal gain. Lastly, the Moon will form an annoying quincunx with Venus in Taurus (exact at 11:55pm EST) possibly causing a monkey wrench in the love department. It could be that the object of our affections is somewhat inaccessible around time…. unfortunately the same could be true with our finances too! Double-check your bank account before making a big purchase.

(Monday 7/6/09)- Overnight, the Moon in Capricorn will be making its monthly conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn (R) (exact at 1:28am EST) adding emotional intensity to the mix. This may help with insights pertaining to business and financial endeavors. Helping to “pick up” on the undercurrent of a situation. This is also beneficial for therapy, cathartic experiences, passion, and ferreting out secrets.

We start the day with the Moon making its monthly opposition with Mercury in Cancer (exact at 9:35am EST). You may find that you are not able to express yourself as easily or someone may cut you off from saying something. It will be hard to put your thoughts into words. This is a time where someone may oppose your thoughts or feelings. The key is to integrate the two (thoughts & emotions), although it may not be easy. Mars in Taurus will form its second square, this time it will be with nebulous Neptune in Aquarius (exact at 10:43am EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. The energies of these two planets don’t normally blend easily. Mars is about fire and passion. Neptune is water and emotion. But blending them is exactly what is called for! Dancing, yoga, meditation, boating (in fact all water sports) are recommended around this time. We may feel fuzzy and unmotivated today (no you don’t just have “holiday brain”).

Later in the afternoon Venus in Gemini will form an annoying quincunx with powerful Pluto (R) in Capricorn (exact at 4:26pm EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. Quincunxes usually bring an obstacle or delay. This is will bring trouble on the love/passion forefront. The object of our affections may be inaccessible around this time. If the energies are harnessed properly, there could be true transformation in these areas. Pluto brings intensity and there is a possibly of obsessing (or being too intense) about love/finances. Just after, Mars in Taurus will make an uncomfortable square with Jupiter (R) in Aquarius (exact at 4:47pm EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. Use caution with over spending, over confidence, and taking unnecessary risks with this transit. Place your energy (and you may plenty of it) into positive pursuits….because manifestation is possible with this transit!

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Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn! Overnight, Mars in Taurus will form a positive sextile with Uranus in Pisces (exact at 3:48am EST) helping us to break out of our rut and even do something that may be somewhat unconventional. Technology (like computers), inventing, innovation, New Aged ideologies, and friendships are favored around this transit. Even thought the height of this will occur while we are sleeping, it will still be felt Most of the day on Monday and Tuesday. This one will increase energy, so parents out there try to be patient with the kids! Pay attention to dreams tonight also, since some startling revelations may occur.

Full Moon/ Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn (exact at 5:21am EST.)! This is the 2nd Lunar eclipse of 2009! (Definition from Wikipedia: A penumbral eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the Earth's penumbra. The penumbra does not cause any noticeable darkening of the Moon's surface, though some may argue it turns a little yellow.) This is considered to be a “minor” Eclipse, so it will not be visible. However, we should all still be “buzzing” from its energies! Eclipses in astrology are considered to be of particular importance and indicate transformation. You would need to know where Capricorn falls within your birth chart, to know exactly how it will affect you. However, Capricorn in general is a business-oriented sign. This could indicate a reconciling between business and family demands. This event will be a prelude to a bigger Solar eclipse that will be occurring on July 21st, so mark your calendars!

Lastly, the Moon will form a flowing trine with Saturn in Virgo (exact at 8:46am EST) helping us to be more disciplined and organized. This will assist us in feeling conservative or traditional. Sometimes, you will find people asking you to assist them during this transit. It won’t be a burden, you will be happy to oblige! This is a great time for organization, house cleaning, filing, recycling, and being disciplined. Also, a good time to start a diet or health regimen (like quitting smoking). The remainder of the day will be astrologically quiet!

(Wednesday 7/8/09)- We start the day with the Moon positively sextiling Uranus in Pisces (exact at 4:08am EST). This will highlight yesterdays Mars/Uranus sextile and most of the same rules apply. Although this time it is more positive as sextiles will often present an opportunity that may require some effort to have it come to fruition. Just after, the Moon in Capricorn will form a flowing trine with Mars in Taurus (exact at 5:43am EST). We will be able to act on our feelings with this transit. Although this will be early in the morning, I always advise for people to exercise or do something physical during Mars transits. This will help to positively channel the energy. There will be a 5 hour void-of-course Moon cycle that will start between 5:44am EST until it transitions into Aquarius (exact at 11:03am EST). Activities that are favored during Moon in Aquarius are: social endeavors, friendship, technology, humanitarian efforts, politics, inventing, and New Age ideologies. Things to avoid: are getting too caught up in the greater good and masses that you forget the individual & their feelings, and being overly fixed in your own unique way of doing things that you can’t consider someone else’s good ideas.

Remember last Wed/Thurs when Mercury formed positive trines with the super-conjunction? Mercury, this time sesquisquares with Chiron, Neptune, and Jupiter. Expect small glitches with both travel & communication. These will most likely be minor occurrences however, because sesquisquares are not as potent as a square. In the afternoon Mercury in Cancer will sesquisquare the “Wounded Healer” Chiron in Aquarius (exact at 4:06pm EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. Past memories may come flooding in around this time. Forgiveness (or the need to forgive) often accompanies this transit.

The Moon will form a flowing trine with Venus in Gemini (exact at 7:06pm EST). This positive placement assists with bonding with loved ones in our life! It also assists with feeling loved and supported by our loved ones in general. Secondarily, it is beneficial for decorating, finances, and self-pampering. Enjoy! Mercury in Cancer forms an uncomfortable Sesquisquare with Neptune in Aquarius (exact at 10:37pm EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. Be careful (especially) with business dealings around this transit. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is! Review all fine print closely and if possible put off signing any contracts. We will want to idealize people/situations around this time. On the positive side: creativity, intuition, and imagination could be increased too. Mercury in Taurus forms an uncomfortable Sesquisquare with Jupiter in Aquarius (exact at 11:33pm EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. Too much information (TMI)! This is a time where we could find others (or even ourselves) saying too much. If you ever had interests in other cultures, religions, law, marketing, publishing, and/or travel; it would be a great time to explore these subjects. Use caution with overconfidence and avoid embellishment of the facts. The upside is that we could be feeling fairly optimistic and will have a bright mental outlook.

(Thursday 7/9/09)- We start the day with a beneficial transit, when the Sun in Cancer forms a positive sextile with Saturn in Virgo (exact at 3:09am EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. This transit benefits work and discipline. Best to concentrate on: work, organization, gardening/planting (connecting with nature in general especially soil, woods, & forest), and details. This would also be an ideal time to start a new health or exercise regime. This is a great time for goal setting and building good relations with those in authority. This is a good time to help the elderly or an aging relative.

The Moon will form 3 annoying quincunxes. Quincunxes often present an obstacle or delay. Sometimes these transits aren’t even felt. The Moon in Aquarius will form an annoying quincunx to Mercury in Cancer (exact at 11:56am EST) possibly causing a block in communication. It may be nearly impossible to express ourselves. You ever had a time that you couldn’t put your thoughts into words? Later, the Moon will form another annoying quincunx with Saturn in Virgo (exact at 10:08pm EST). It may be hard to complete everything on our “list” or to get organized. It’s also possible that our emotions could make it hard to work around this time. Luckily, this influence will be short… Lastly, the Moon will form an annoying quincunx with the Sun in Cancer (exact at 11:39pm EST). It may be hard to feel supported around this time. Accomplishments may go unrecognized. It is possible to clash with someone younger than yourself (like a parent child relationship). It may be hard to “access” our feelings around this time.

(Friday 7/10/09)- We start early in the morning with Mercury forming an uncomfortable semisquare with Mars in Taurus (exact at 4:53am EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. Think before you speak! This may cause us to feel restless (attention those with ADD or ADHD). Things may be moving at a fast pace, so make sure you eat a good breakfast when you get up! Then, Jupiter will conjunct Neptune both in Aquarius (exact at 5:13am EST) highlighting creativity. Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. This would also be a favorable time to explore different cultures and religions. We would do well working with a group for a greater cause that is bigger than ourselves. Its about self-sacrifice and service to others. The only caveat is use caution with putting friends or an organization up on a pedestal. You know what happens when they fall!? The late, great astrologer Linda Goodman used to say: “Aim straight, shoot higher than man can see-past the stars-to the place all dreams were really born”.

Then the Moon will highlight both of these planets. Moon will form its monthly conjunction with Jupiter both in Aquarius (exact at 3:42pm EST) assisting us in feeling optimistic and upbeat. This is an ideal time to work with groups of people. It also highlights/benefits: travel (especially long distance), other cultures, higher education, law, horses, and spirituality. Then the Moon makes its monthly conjunction with Neptune both in Aquarius (exact at 3:45pm EST). Creativity, art, spirituality, music, intuition, idealism, abstract thought, will be favored around this time. Unfortunately so is escapism and unrealistic expectations. Lastly, the Moon will form an uncomfortable square with Mars in Taurus (exact at 10:17pm EST). Sometimes this transit simply brings together a culmination of factors that can bring irritation and possible resentment. This is a time that we are more apt to fly of the handle and let little things bother us. Again, as with any Mars influence, exercise can help to channel your energy in a positive way. Mars influences passion too! This will start a very short void-of-course Moon cycle that will last until 11:44pm EST when the Moon transitions into dreamy Pisces. Activities that are favored during Moon in Pisces: creativity, intuition, spiritual aspirations, higher consciousness, connection with feelings, counseling, music, art, photography, nature and especially being near water, and charitable work. Things to avoid are: getting so caught up in others feeling that you put your aside, excessive escapism, and acting like a martyr. These are all themes that will last the next 2 ½ days.

(Saturday 7/11/09)- Overnight, the Moon in Pisces will make a supportive sextile to Pluto (R) in Capricorn (exact at 2:47am EST). This will be a favorable time to look below the surface and have in-depth conversations or counseling. We may have intense dreams around this time.

In the afternoon, the Moon will square Venus in Taurus (exact at 1:44pm EST). Although we will have a drive to be with others around this time, it would be best to avoid heavy conversations pertaining to love. Sometimes the object of our affections is just out of reach (or otherwise detained) around this transit. The is not a good time to go shopping or work on beautification because what we think looks good now may seem like a bad idea at a later time. Later, Mercury in Cancer will form a positive sextile with Saturn in Virgo (exact at 9:55pm EST). This is similar to the Sun/Saturn sextile that happened on Thursday morning. It will be possible to harness mental discipline & focus. Methodical approach is best. This is a great time to double check travel plans and firm up details. You may prefer to be alone around this time or to spend quality time with a good friend.

Lastly, later in the evening Mars (the God of War) will transition into the sign of Gemini (exact at 10:56pm EST). Just as I has stated on 7/5/09 when Venus went into the sign of Gemini; communication should be fast and furious over this next month with lots of social activities. It will benefit mechanical skills, engineering, journalism, manual dexterity, and travel/tourism fields. If ungrounded, there is a possibility for being fickle or scattered. All of these themes will be emphasized until it transitions into the sign of Cancer on August 25th.

The above transits are often felt collectively but you would need to know where within your chart that they would fall. As always, I am available for a professional astrological reading. I now have a variety of charts to choose from (relationship, life path, time-line, etc). I can do readings in-person or over the phone. Or if you’re not into having a reading I can just supply a chart. Please feel free to contact me for more information! Have a great week! Bye for now……

Peace & Light,

Gretchen A. Hidell, Astrologer

Intuitive Counselor/Gem/Crystal Work


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