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Astro-Update: Mars & Venus Enter Taurus! Week of 5/31/09

I hope this week’s Blog entry finds you well! We start the week with Mars going into the sign of Taurus on Sunday. Tuesday will be a great day for love and finances! Thursday will be a great day to get things accomplished. Friday it would be best to work alone. On Saturday, Venus will also transition into the sign of Taurus too!

I wanted to add a footnote to my entries. I include the time that a transit will be exact so that you can see when it waxes and then when it starts to wane. However, the effects are often felt sometimes even as long as a day or two. The energy is usually felt more strongly during the time leading up to the height and then it slowly starts to dissipate after. Keep in mind that Moon transits tend to last a shorter period of time than planetary transits.

(Sun 5/31/09)- We start the day with the Moon conjuncting Saturn both in Virgo (exact at 8:37am EST). Too bad this transit isn’t taking place on Monday! This is an all work no play transit. Best to concentrate on: work, organization, gardening/planting (connecting with nature in general especially soil, woods, & forest), and details. This would also be an ideal time to start a new health or exercise regime. Sometimes this can give us a feeling of loneliness or isolation (or even the blues).

Later in the afternoon, the planet Mars (the God of War) will transition into stable Taurus (exact at 5:18pm). Mars is not exactly comfortable in the sign of Taurus. Mars rules over energy and Taurus tends to be slow but steady and methodical. Taurus likes to finish what it has started. The key word around this time will be BUILDING. This is an ideal time to take care of finances, create a budget, and plan for the future. Taurus also has a very sensuous side and Mars rules over who we are sexually attracted to. Therefore massages, touch, tactile sensations, sensuality, beauty, art, rich foods, etc. will be “in” during this time. Words and phrases to describe Taurus are: “I Have!”, Fixed, Earthy, reliability, stubbornness, possessions, determination, slow and steady progress, possessiveness, (sometimes) laziness but usually hard-working, pleasure, tactile, good/rich food, aesthetics, physical, sensual, and prosperous. The metal is Copper. Its physical association are the ears, throat, lower jaw, and thyroid gland. These will all be themes over the next month until Mars transitions into lively Gemini on July 11th.

Lastly, we will end the day on a high-note when the Moon will form a flowing trine with Mercury in Taurus (exact at 10:31pm EST) allowing us to express our feelings comfortably. Others will be receptive to us at this time. This is a wonderful transit for communicating (especially with children, teachers, friends, and siblings).

(Mon 6/1/09)- Overnight, the Moon in Virgo will make its monthly opposition to Uranus in Pisces (exact at 4:32am EST). Luckily this will most likely occur while we are sleeping. Sometimes this can cause disturbances in sleep, and increased dream state. While awake, this may bring a piece of unexpected news or event. Possibly causing issues with technology and/or electricity (attention to all you IT professionals or electricians!). This will start a long void-of-course Moon cycle until 11:17am EST. When the Moon makes no major planetary aspects to another planet, before it switches into the next sign, is call “void of course”. It is best to not do anything new during these times because it has a decreased chance of working or will have delays. The Moon will transition into the diplomatic sign of Libra (exact at 11:17am EST). Activities that are favorable during a Libra Moon are: fairness, beauty (did I say beauty?), partnerships, joint enterprise, aesthetics, harmony, graciousness, cooperation, justice, peace, and romance. Things to avoid are: indecision, dependence, fickle, and lying (to avoid confrontation). Libras make great judges and counselors because they are often able to see both sides. Its physical associations are: the kidneys, lumbar area of the back, buttocks and adrenal glands. All of these themes will be accentuated during the next 2 ½ days.

This just may turn out to be one of those Mondays since the Moon will form 3 annoying quincunxes: Neptune (R) in Aquarius (exact at 4:55am EST), with Jupiter in Aquarius (exact at 5:20am EST), lastly with Mars in Taurus (exact at 12:21pm EST). Quincunxes usually present themselves in the form of blocks, obstacles, and delays. Lastly, the Moon will form an uncomfortable square with to powerful Pluto (R) in Capricorn (exact at 3:51pm EST). Certainly this can bring up jealousy issues, power struggles, hidden fears, and obsessions. This transit could cause frustrations on blending time for a love life and work. Keep things light this afternoon/evening if possible.

(Tues 6/2/09)- This is will be by far the most beneficial day of the week! We start the day with the Sun in Taurus forming a beneficial trine with the Moon in Libra (exact at 9:26am EST) helping us to feel loved and supported. It will be easy to express our feelings and to have them be well received.

Venus will connect with the triple conjunction during today! First, Venus in Aries will form a positive sextile with Chiron (R) (The Wounded Healer) in Aquarius (exact at 5:34am EST) helping to heal old relationship wounds. Then, Venus in Aries will form a positive sextile to Neptune (R) in Aquarius (exact at 11:54am EST) giving us a dreamy and idealistic outlook on the day. Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. When it comes to love, we will have our rose colored glasses on today. Love relationships will take on an ethereal quality. If you are single, and you meet someone under this influence you will have the feeling that you were meant to be together. It’s possible that a friend could become more than a friend. It would feel like you are seeing this person in a new light. This will be a beneficial day for creativity, arts, music, film, etc.

Lastly, Venus in Aries will form another beneficial sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius (exact at 7:39am EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. This will bring luck/opportunity with both love and finances! This will be beneficial for group gatherings and social events too. If I were a betting woman (which I am), this would be a good time to buy a lottery ticket. (Sorry, but I am not responsible for any losses nor am I condoning gambling-LOL). Both Venus transits also encourage us to get outside and be close to nature. Nice day!!

Wed (6/3/09)- Today will be a mixed bag, but I feel that it will be more positive overall (yes, the cup is half full). There will be 8 Moon transits today: 4 favorable and 4 unfavorable. Earlier in the day the Moon in Libra will form two annoying quincunxes: with Mercury in Taurus (exact at 6:07am EST) and Uranus in Pisces (exact at 11:47am). In the morning we may experience some obstacles with communication or receive some unexpected news. It may be difficult to act on this new information. There may also be small glitches with technology or travel. Luckily by the afternoon, (between 11:45-12:45pm EST) the Moon will form a beautiful trine with our super triple conjunction. This will stir-up some of the good feelings that we experienced yesterday. This is a good time to focus on manifesting abundance, spirituality, intuition, and healing. Then, the Moon will make its monthly opposition with Venus in Aries (exact at 2pm EST) making this an auspicious time for love relationships. Our emotions may be at odds with romance right now (don’t worry, this is temporary). This will start a 4-½ hour void-of-course Moon cycle, so it will be best to finished projects during this time. It will end when the Moon transitions into the intense sign of Scorpio (exact at 6:43pm EST). Favorable Scorpio Moon activities are: anything related to research, occult, detective work, self discovery, digging below the surface (both figural & literal), passion, mysteries, secrets, etc. Things that are not favored or exacerbated during the Moon in Scorpio are: jealousy, anger, intensity, and surgery (it can delay healing time).

Just before midnight, the Moon in Scorpio will form its monthly opposition to Mars in Taurus (exact at 11:19pm EST). Someone could irritate you during this transit. It’s possible to enjoy a debate with someone (or at worst, an argument). Just after, we will end the day on a high note with the Moon forming a positive sextile with Pluto (R) Capricorn (exact at 11:23pm) helping us to connect with what is going on under the surface. Cathartic experiences, deep conversation, and all forms of counseling are favored during this transit. These last two Moon transits will be highlighting the trine between Mars & Pluto that will occur just after midnight…..

(Thurs 6/4/09)- Wow! When these two celestial bodies form a beautiful flowing trine, anything is possible! Mars in Taurus will trine Pluto (R) in Capricorn (exact at 12:36am EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. I know this one happens overnight, but this one will be felt a few days before and after. There will be a high degree of physical energy available to us during this time. Therefore, all aspects of: exercise, playing sports, physical therapy, etc. are favored (just be careful not to overdo it-as this aspect could also result in an injury). This would be an especially good time for strategizing especially with business and finances (attention chess players!). The only caveat is that Mars is the God of War and Pluto (the Ruler of the Underworld) is all about death/rebirth. If we are overly aggressive or have been using underhanded tactics, we could experience devastating consequences. Past or buried issues could literally resurface during this transit, but we will be better equipped to know how to take appropriate action to address them!

Later in the evening, the Moon in Scorpio will form an annoying quincunx with the Sun (exact at 10:29pm EST). It may be hard to feel supported around this time. This could be a time of emotional blockages. Luckily, the Moon will form a positive sextile to Saturn in Virgo (exact at 11:44pm EST) so that we can tap into our inner discipline & organization later in the evening. Although, we may need to do it alone as solitary endeavors are favored.

(Friday 6/5/09)- In the afternoon, the Sun in Gemini will form an uncomfortable square to the taskmaster Saturn in Virgo (exact at 3:10pm EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. The key to handling this transit is to breakdown large tasks into small do-able segments. Otherwise, it will be easy to get overwhelmed. Saturn rules over blocks, delays, karma, and life lessons. We may have to make tough decisions around this time. Use extra diligence and caution because the things that are accomplished around this time can have long-term affects. Again, Saturn like us to be solitary, so this is not a beneficial time to work with groups or partners. It may be tough to get organized; yet this is exactly what we need to do.

The Moon in Scorpio will oppose Mercury in Taurus (exact at 4:56pm EST) possibly causing blockages in communication. It may be nearly impossible to express ourselves. It’s possible someone may challenge what you are saying. Luckily, the Moon will form a flowing trine with Uranus in Pisces (exact at 9:18pm EST) helping us to break out of our rut and even do something that may be somewhat unconventional. Technology (like computers), inventing, New Aged ideologies, and friendships are favored around this transit. Hold up! Just after, the Moon will form a square with the superior conjunction with Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter (between 9:30-10:18pm). It is possible that we will want to hold someone up on a pedestal around this time. We should not make major decisions or judgments based on the information given to us this evening. It may be untrue or have more strings attached than original bargained for. It is also not an ideal time to make big purchases because we are apt to overspend. At 10:18pm EST there will be a long void-of-course Moon cycle that will last until tomorrow when the Moon transitions into the sign of Sagittarius…….

(Sat 6/6/09)- The Moon transitions into the sign of adventurous Sagittarius (exact at 4:23am EST). It is said in Astrology that the transition between Scorpio and Sag is the toughest of all the Moon transitions. So use caution around this time and allow for (minor) setbacks. Hopefully, you will be sleeping when it occurs! Activities that are favored during Moon in Sagittarius are: sports, horseback riding, outdoors/nature, spiritual aspirations, higher consciousness, honesty/bluntness, law/legal, higher learning, education, travel (especially international), and getting out to meet people. It is best to avoid taking too strong of a stance and not being open to others opinions, as people will usually defend their beliefs rigorously at this time. These themes will be prevalent for the next 2 ½ days….

Just after Venus will transition into the stable sign of Taurus (exact at 5:07am EST). A lot of the same rules apply as when Mars entered Taurus (see Blog entry from Sun 5/31). Venus is the Goddess of love & beauty…..but she can also affect finances as well. Now with Mercury, Venus and Mars all in the earthy sign of Taurus, this is an ideal time to be out in nature and/or to be gardening. It will certainly help to burn off some calories because we may be inclined to overeat or indulge with rich foods around this time. It will remain in Taurus until July 5th.

Venus will form an annoying sesquisquared with Saturn in Virgo (exact at 12pm EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. This one could bring up an unexpected expense (ouch). We may find ourselves without many invitations (or dates) today. It’s OK, everyone needs time to clean out his or her closets! Lastly, the Moon makes an annoying quincunx to Mars (exact at 12:54pm EST). To further add to our feeling of solitude….Did you ever meet someone that says something that is completely different than how they actually act? For instance: you went out on a date, the person says that had a fantastic time, and then they never called. This type of disconnect (coming from yourself or coming from others) may be more pronounced around this time. Actions won’t be connected to feelings.

Our feelings may be a little “on edge” today as we approach the height of the Full Moon tomorrow……

The above transits are often felt collectively but you would need to know where within your chart that they would fall. As always, I am available for a professional astrological reading. I now have a variety of charts to choose from (relationship, life path, time-line, etc). I can do readings in-person or over the phone. Or if you’re not into having a reading, I can just supply a chart. Please feel free to contact me for more information! Have a great week! Bye for now……

Peace & Light,

Gretchen A. Hidell, Astrologer

Intuitive Counselor/Gem/Crystal Work


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