Friday, May 15, 2009

Astro-Update: Mercury (R) into Taurus & Saturn Turns Direct! Week of 5/10

We start off this week with Mothers Day and a beautiful trine between the Moon and Venus. Mercury (the ruler over communication & transportation) still traveling Retrograde will travel backwards into the sign of Taurus on Wednesday. Friday and Saturday we will feel good with several beneficial transits. Saturday we definitely have cause for celebration when Saturn (the “taskmaster”) will be turning Direct after a long Retrograde period. Saturn has been Retrograde for all of 2009 so far (since 12/31/08). We will have an easier time attaining long-term goals after it turns Direct!

I wanted to add a footnote to my entries. I include the time that a transit will be exact so that you can see when it waxes and then when it starts to wane. However, the effects are often felt sometimes even as long as a day or two. The energy is usually felt more strongly during the time leading up to the height and then it slowly starts to dissipate after. Keep in mind that Moon transits tend to last a shorter period of time than planetary transits.

(Sun 5/10)- Happy Mothers Day!! The Moon is still in adventurous Sagittarius. This will be an astrologically quiet day. Just after midnight, the Moon will make its monthly opposition to Mercury (R) in Gemini (exact at 12:30am EST) causing issues with communication. This will have more of an effect on last night and possibly early in the morning. Again, because Mercury is in Retrograde, make sure you confirm travel details should you be traveling on this day. In the afternoon, the Moon will form a flowing trine with Venus in Aries (exact at 12:50pm EST). How ironic? This placement actually assists with bonding with the females in our life! It also assists with feeling loved and supported by our loved ones in general. Secondarily, it is beneficial for decorating, finances, and self-pampering. Enjoy!

(Mon 5/11 )- Overnight, the Moon in Sagittarius will form an annoying square with Saturn (R) in Virgo (exact at 3:05am EST). Early in the morning we may deal with issues involving organization and possibly feeling left out. This can exacerbate feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression. Luckily, this influence doesn’t last long. In the afternoon, the Sun in Taurus will form an annoying quincunx with the Moon (exact at 3:35pm EST) possibly causing a block with feeling supported by others.

Then a little later, Mars in Aries will form an annoying quincunx with Saturn (R) in Virgo (exact at 7:23pm EST) creating another block with our ability to organize and achieve what we desire. Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. Mars has energy and wants to go, go, go. Saturn likes to slow down, plan, and organize. It can be hard when these two planets aren’t on the same page. I always advise when Mars is involved to exercise or do something physical. This will help to get your energy out in a constructive way. Luckily, we end the day on a high note when the Moon forms a supportive sextile to Jupiter (exact at 11:33pm EST). This will help us to get our optimism back and will help to bring our playful side to the surface.

(Tues 5/12)- Just after midnight the Moon in Sagittarius will form an uncomfortable square with Uranus in Pisces (exact at 12:24am EST). This could cause disturbances while you are sleeping or possibly vivid dreams. Another transit that could influence our dream-state is when the Moon forms a positive sextile to Neptune (exact at 1:55am EST). This could even produce prophetic dreams or “visitation” dreams (it would increase intuition if you were awake). This will start a long void-of-course Moon cycle that will last until 9:08am EST). When the Moon makes no major planetary aspects to another planet, before it switches into the next sign, is call “void of course”. It is best to not do anything new during these times because it has a decreased chance of working or will have delays. The Moon will transition into hardworking Capricorn at 9:09am EST. Themes that will be prevalent over the next 2 ½ days are: business endeavors, work, goal setting, public ambition, and tradition. Try to avoid: workaholic tendencies, coldness, and using people for personal gain.

Between late morning and most of the afternoon, Mercury Retrograde will rear its ugly head. 1st, the Moon will form an annoying quincunx with Mercury (R) Gemini (exact at 10:22am EST). Then Mercury will form a tense semisquare with Jupiter in Aquarius (exact at 2:24pm EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. Both of these transits will set the stage for communication problems, delays, travel snafus, and mechanical failures. All the M.R. rules apply: get fax confirmations, postal signatures, etc. When communicating be as clear & concise as possible. This is not the time for eloquent speeches and extraneous information. Lastly, the Moon will make its monthly conjunction with Pluto (R) Capricorn (exact at 3:05pm EST) adding emotional intensity to the mix. This may help with insights pertaining to business and financial endeavors. Helping to “pick up” on the undercurrent of a situation. This is also beneficial for therapy, cathartic experiences, passion, and ferreting out secrets.

(Wed 5/13)- Early in the morning, the Moon in Capricorn will form a tense square with Venus in Aries (exact at 4:21am EST). This can stir up arguments with loved ones and possible financial loss. This is not a good time to go shopping or to decorate. Double-check the fine print before signing on the bottom line (not a good time to apply for a loan either). Luckily the Moon will form a flowing trine with Saturn (R) in Virgo (exact at 3:20pm EST) helping us to be more disciplined and organized. This will assist us in feeling conservative or traditional. Sometimes, you will find people asking for you to assist them during this transit. It won’t be a burden, you will be happy to oblige! The Moon will form an uncomfortable square with Mars in Aries (exact at 6:24pm EST). Sometimes this transit simply brings together a culmination of factors that can bring irritation and possible resentment. This is a time that we are more apt to fly of the handle and let little things bother us. Again, as with any Mars influence, exercise can help to channel your energy in a positive way.

Lastly, Mercury now Retrograde will be returning to the sign of Taurus (exact at 7:53pm EST). Mercury was in Taurus between 4/9/09-4/30/09. We will be revisiting those same themes once again. The Universe wants to make sure that we learned all of those lessons and to make sure we really got it. Mercury (the God of transportation & communication) is not as comfortable in the sign of Taurus. The sign of Taurus is asking Mercury to slow down and be methodical. Not to start a bunch of projects but to see the ones you have started through to the end. This will be beneficial for really analyzing your finances and getting a budget together. Sewing, design, jewelry making, and fashion will benefit from this as well. Taurus (ruled by Venus) is very sensual. This is an ideal time to get a massage to unwind. What to avoid? Well Taurus’ are notoriously stubborn. So try not to get overly fixed in your position (just because). Mercury will be in Taurus Retrograde until 5/30/09. It won’t return to the sign of Gemini however, until 6/13/09. (See my Blog entry from week 5/3/09 for more information on Mercury Retrograde).

(Thurs 5/14)- We start the day with a beautiful trine between the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Capricorn (exact at 9:35am EST) making our efforts feeling supported. This transit helps us to feel “comfortable in our skin” creating a synergy between how we feel on the inside & our actions. Then the Moon will positively sextile Uranus in Pisces (exact at 1:20am EST). This is an opportunity to break out of old patterns and shake things up (sextiles will often present an opportunity that requires effort to have it come to fruition). Lastly, the Moon will make a flowing trine to Mercury in Taurus (R) (exact at 8:58pm EST) helping us to express our feelings. We may want to be with our friends or doing something social this evening. Even though Mercury is still Retrograde, it will give us a boost in communication. This will start a short void-of-course Moon cycle that will last until 10:01pm EST when the Moon transitions into unique Aquarius. Activities that are favored during Moon in Aquarius are: social endeavors, friendship, technology, humanitarian efforts, politics, inventing, and New Age ideologies. Things to avoid: are getting too caught up in the greater good and masses that you forget the individual & their feelings, and being overly fixed in your own unique way of doing things that you can’t consider someone else’s good ideas.

(Fri 5/15)- We start the day with Venus in Aries forming an annoying semisquare with the “Wounded Healer” Chiron in Aquarius (exact at 9:49am EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. This transit (which could be painful) will assist in removing people from your life that no longer assist/support your energies. This could leave the door open for people that do! Later in the evening Venus will form an annoying semisquare with nebulous Neptune in Aquarius (exact at 7:59pm EST). Remember, this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. The down-side of this transit is that it can make us be overly idealistic (especially in the romance department). The up-side is that sometimes it is nice to wear those rose-colored glasses if even only briefly. Just don’t make any major decisions based on how you feel right now! Lastly, the Moon in Aquarius will form a positive sextile to Venus (exact at 12:42pm EST). This often makes us to think of love and romance. Any time you have Neptune, Chiron, & the Moon highlighting Venus in one day, you can bet that romance will be on the mind. Light some candles and get the soft music playing!!

(Sat 5/16)- This will be an astrologically active day. We start the day with the Sun in Taurus squaring Jupiter in Aquarius (exact at 4:45am EST). We may have been feeling this one since Thurs and it’s effects could last throughout the weekend. This transit can cause a mixture of good & bad. Major decisions should be put off for now. We may feel overly optimistic and possibly unable to see the downside of a situation. It is possible that we may over estimate our finances or our friendships/social circle. It’s also possible that one could feel sort of lost during this time frame with a (temporary) loss of goals. Someone older may not approve of your actions. Then the Sun will form a positive sextile to Uranus in Pisces (exact at 9:09am EST). Again this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. This transit can give us sudden insights and enhance clairvoyance. You may want to break out from your normal routine today and do something a little different. This is ideal for taking a trip or spending time outside. Use of technology can be enhanced during this time. Then the Moon in Aquarius will positively sextile Mars in Aries (exact at 11:24am EST). Remember how I have been telling you to not make big decisions during this time….well it will be hard with this transit! Mars will make us want to act. I always advise for people to exercise or do something physical during Mars transits. This will help to positively channel the energy. Yes, gardening or house cleaning counts-LOL.

Later in the afternoon the Sun will make an uncomfortable square with Chiron (the Wounded Healer) in Aquarius (exact at 5:30pm EST). Again this is a planetary transit and its effects will be felt much longer than a Moon transit. This one can stir up old wounds/feelings (possibly pertaining to finances or groups of people/friends). You could find yourself giving advise to someone else during this time pertaining to an area that you hardly have a handle on yourself. Try listening to your own words and true healing will start!

We end the day with the planet Saturn turning Direct at 10:06pm EST!! It has been Retrograde in the sign of Virgo since 12/31/08. Saturn is the planet of obstacles, delays, long-term goal setting, hard work, Karma, and life lessons. This is the last time it will be going Retrograde in the sign of Virgo for another 30 years!! Key words for Virgo are: “I Analyze!”, detail oriented, perfection, service, criticism, conscientious, health, intelligent, analytical, worry, improvement to others lives, and practical. It is associated with the abdominal area, gastrointestinal system (large and small intestines), spleen, solar plexus, and lower lobes of the liver. Retrograde periods are a time of reflection and lesson that we are supposed to learn from. Themes that were predominant during this phase were: paying attention to detail, learning to be more frugal with your money, setting up a budget for 2009 and sticking to it, solid organizing, health matters, and new health regimes. Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, which also influences knees, teeth, falls, chronic health problems (like arthritis), and the skeleton (in addition to the areas listed above). While Saturn can create many obstacles, frustrations, and delays it can also bless us with great rewards (usually after much hard work). One of the big events this year will be when Saturn changes signs into the sign of relationship-oriented Libra on 10/29/09.

The above transits are often felt collectively but you would need to know where within your chart that they would fall. As always, I am available for a professional astrological reading. I now have a variety of charts to choose from (relationship, life path, time-line, etc). I can do readings in-person or over the phone. Or if you’re not into having a reading I can just supply a chart. Please feel free to contact me for more information! Have a great week! Bye for now……

Peace & Light,

Gretchen A. Hidell, Astrologer

Intuitive Counselor/Gem/Crystal Work


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